A new code in the design world.
ART CODE is an interior design company renowned for connecting art and décor. Our main office is located in Al Olaya View, Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 
The ART CODE design team is a group of talented artists with passion in designing great architectural projects, modern interior designs, and making brands of well-established identities to reflect the harmony of their owners proudly.

OUR MISSION.   ART CODE design team brings a diversity of experience, fresh perspective and originality; combined with exceptional technical expertise and extraordinary attention to design detail making the results speak for themselves. We create ingenious designs that are truly captivating. Abreast of the latest technology and trends in interior design, we provide a unique identity approach to each individual project resulting in an innovative design venture, which are tailored to meet each client's requirements.

OUR VISION.     Our dream is to be globally known. Our pleasure is in creating innovative and simple spatial environment in its details which is interesting to look at and assisted living in a simple way.
We believe that great ideas stem from souls filled with passion, love, beauty and we enjoy all new challenges.
We see the world as a large painting inspired by the deep concepts of humanity in which we love peace and friendliness, and we consider it an inexhaustible source for our creative design ideas.
We work on the ideas, study it to make sure that it fits the target segment and market  then transfer it to a great concept and piece of art and link it with a unique harmony to offer a pioneering experience in every contact point for a great product.
OUR SERVICES.     We offer architectural design projects as a whole experience in addition to the interior design, branding and identity designs. All of this offers an integrated experience and inspires us to work harder.
OUR PROJECTS.     Our passion and pleasure is working on a new idea and providing a solid and lasting masterpiece in its place leaving a special impact like a precious gem in an antique store.
MAINTAINING LASTING PARTNERSHIP.     We appreciate everyone, work with everyone and believe in innovation and creativity. Everybody loves the new and hope to leave a clear impression in their life. We consider everyone and cherish our sustainable relationship with them.
We received the Arabian Property Awards in Interior Design for our entry project "Burooj Global" in the International Property Awards (IPAX) event which was held in Dubai on October 2018. IPAX is an international exhibition held to recognize award winners for various fields such as Real Estate Development, Interior Design, and Architecture. It also provides an opportunity for the award winners to expand their business and form professional relationship with possible clients.
Our winning entry "Burooj Global" is a private chalet development which consists of fourteen (14) units each with a single floor, private swimming pool, and outdoor sitting area. The interior design follows seven modern styles which are namely: African, Coastal, Contemporary, Country, Japanese, Mexican and Moroccan. These give "Burooj Global" a distinct and award-winning 'east meets west' theme.
  1. Q

    How may I contact you?


    You can contact us at (+966)504458089 for queries or send us an email at
  2. Q

    What is your design style?


    We mostly do modern designs. But we don’t stick to just one particular design style. We enjoy working on variety of styles from modern style to asian inspired style to mediterranean style, to name a few.
  3. Q

    How long will our project take?


    It depends on how big or small a project is.
  4. Q

    I don’t know what style I want – can you still help?


    Yes ofcourse, if you are undecided yet, we can offer you suggested designs of your liking.
  5. Q

    What cities do you work in?


    Apparently, we are based in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia so we can only offer our services in nearby cities.
  6. Q

    What type of projects can you do?


    Our services are not limited to certain sectors. We accept projects for offices, stores, hotels, apartments, resorts, villas and more to come.
  7. Q

    What other services do you offer clients?


    Aside from interior design, we also offer branding services such as logo and identity design.
  8. Q

    How do you charge?


    We charge based on the size of the project. Most quotation agreements will be discussed upon the consultation meeting.



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